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CUT Solutions

CUT Membrane Technology is an innovative manufacturer of membranes and modules for the most different applications in areas like chemistry, environmental studies, food and beverage industry, metal processing and many others.



Wine filtration

Makes Wine Taste Better

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Treatment of Pickling Liquors

Significant reduction of waste disposal costs

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Separation of Oil Water / Emulsions

Separation of oil/water emulsions

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Biomass Separation

Biological Sewage Plant 2.0

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Vinegar filtration

Microfiltration for a high-quality product

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Treatment of PVC/Latex

PVC making at minimum-cost

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Wastewater Purification

Proper disposal or efficient recovery

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Treatment of Process Water

Dedicated modules for dedicated products

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Degreasing Baths

Lifetime extension of degreasing baths

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CUT Membrane Technology GmbH
Feldheider Str. 42
D-40699 Erkrath
Phone +49 2104 176320
Fax +49 2104 1763222
E-Mail svygengvba@ohexreg.pbz

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