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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

New Liquid Flow Controllers use the same precise technology developed for compressible gas control, delivering minimised footprint (and costs) to liquid flow control

Integrating a sensor, control electronics and proportional valves into a single compact device, Bürkert's new Liquid Flow Controller (LFC) provides fast, accurate measurement and dosing of small liquid volumes, with nominal flow of 10 - 600 ml/min (0.6 to 36 l/h) and 1:10 measuring span.  The LFC is based on Bürkert's proven mass flow technology, for gas measurement and control. 

Due to its fast and accurate flow rate measurement, the Liquid Flow Controller is ideally suited for the dynamic control or metering of liquids such as deionised or demineralised water, methanol or low-viscosity oils. The LFC can therefore be used in a large number of industrial applications including heat treatment (by carburisation or endogas generators), testing, surface coating, cooling (machine tools), filling, packaging, and in combination with Bürkert Mass Flow Controllers, the simultaneous dosage of gases and liquids in atomising or sterilisation processes.

The LFC is an intelligent, integrated, cost saving solution for applications where several liquids or a liquid and a gas must be regulated simultaneously. Previously this type of control was comparatively complex, involving the use of individual components, which raised issues of cost and interfacing incompatibility. However, the LFC overcomes these problems with an integrated design that optimises the differential pressure process for liquid flow-rate measurements, to give precise, fast and repeatable measurements in a highly compact device.
 The result of this optimisation is a highly efficient digital controller which combines excellent levels of reliability and functionality with comprehensive features such as: flow-rate measurement inside the medium flow (without moving parts); configuration and diagnosis via serial interface using free Burkert software; an integrated totaliser for consumption analysis; flexible interfaces: analogue/digital via field bus or RS232/RS485; configurable binary inputs and outputs; and the option of IP65 version for arduous environments.
 The LFC is based on the successfully proven and tested software, hardware and mechanics of Bürkert's mass flow controller (MFC) series. Thanks to its compact design, the controller is easy to install, and can be accommodated in difficult locations, such as directly behind angled piping - and, due to its narrow width per unit station, immediately downstream of angled connections. The device is available as either a closed loop controller with integral proportional control solenoid valve (LFC), or as a flow meter (LFM).

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