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Analysis in In-Vitro-Diagnostics

Precise media control in laboratory applications

Analysis-in-In-Vitro-Diagnostics IVD

A variety of systems and components are used to precisely control, regulate and measure fluids and gases inside laboratory devices. Bürkert supplies and develops suitable components and systems for various applications. Complete solutions are also possible to ensure that everything, from your media supply to your reagent and sample dosing, as well as the analysis unit, cleaning and waste handling, is under control.

Analysis in In-Vitro-Diagnostics

Our solutions in different applications

Media Supply in laboratory equipment

For more efficiency

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Reagent and sample dosing

Time-Pressure Dosing

For more precision

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Syringe Pump Dosing

For precise results

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Analysis Unit

Media control in electrical impedance counting

For enhanced reliability

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Media control in flow cytometry

For superior performance

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Cleaning and waste handling

Media control for the cuvette washing station

For greater efficiency

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Media control for cleaning the dosing needle

For greater safety

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