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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

Improved flow control in pneumatic conveying systems

Flow Rate Controller Type 8750

Benefits for you

  • Process safety: Minimal product damage, reduced wear on pipework.
  • Increased productivity: Higher throughput with reduced maintenance.
  • Easy installation: All in one closed loop controller featuring flow sensor, process controller, and control element.
  • Increased flexibility: Can be precisely and quickly adapted to different pressures, conditions, and materials.

For many industries, pneumatic conveying brings a number of advantages, not least the lack of moving parts and system flexibility. However, it is essential that such systems are properly controlled in order to maintain efficiency and the quality of the product in transit.

Bürkert specialises in developing solutions for customers in a diverse range of industries, delivering flow control systems for a wide variety of applications. The latest offering addresses the issues associated with creating a standalone control system for pneumatic conveying, all in one product. The Type 8750 flow rate controller provides a solution that can reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

Pneumatic conveying of solids (granulate material, powder, grain etc.) is possible thanks to the proper air flow quantity. The regulation and control of the air flow is one of the principle aspects of the technology.

Flow Rate Controller, flow control system for gases

Flow Rate Controller, flow control system for gases

Type 8750

  • Reliable, robust system
  • Reduced interfaces
  • Orifice plate and actuator in one
  • Easy operation
  • Fit for stand-alone operation
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