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Customised Solutions

Do you want to develop and realise a customised solution with us?




Automation and control

Intelligent automation - for individual requirements

Our expertise in automation solutions

From the outset, our focus is on highlighting all the possibilities of automation. We also maintain an open mind and offer the right advice.

We offer you:

  • Combinations of smart concepts, customized to your requirements
  • Objective and individual analysis, as well as assessments of the planning situation
  • Professional support throughout your planning process

Profit from a trustworthy partner that provides its expertise from start to finish and collaborates with you on an equal footing.

Intelligent networking in your plant

The Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP) brings the technology familiar from smartphones or tablets to the process industry: EDIP allows complex process operations to be monitored and controlled using simple user guidance and intuitive touchscreen control. It features a digital interface designed for industrial communication standards such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP.

  • ONE tool for start-up, diagnosis and servicing
  • Graphical programming for individual process operations
  • Access to detailed device diagnosis via the digital interface
  • Comprehensive possibilities for connecting to higher-level control systems

Smart automation concepts from one supplier

A great deal needs to be taken into account when it comes to planning, installing and operating automated solutions. That is why it is very valuable to have a partner who really understands what you need. With the aim of finding the best and smoothest automation solution, we provide you with objective and open advice after exact analysis of the prevailing conditions and requirements. Hence according to circumstances, either one of several concepts can be selected – or several can be combined. You will be able to assess which of the solutions suits you best on the basis of the overview that we have drawn up.

Decentralised automationDecentralised automation

Your food or pharmaceutical production processes must be efficient, safe and hygienic. To ensure the processing of valuable raw materials without residues and cross-contamination, to ensure constant product quality and not to risk downtime, digital process monitoring is essential. The easiest way to achieve this is with decentralised automation solutions that can control intelligent components locally and react quickly. To ensure that such a valve technology of short distances fits optimally into your existing machine or system concepts, we advise you objectively and have solution-neutral offers ready for you. In the process, we reduce everything you can do without to a minimum: complexity, risk and engineering effort. We will be more than happy to advise you!

Verteilte AutomatisierungVerteilte Automatisierung

Egal, ob es um die Herstellung von Pharmazeutika oder Nahrungsmitteln geht – Hygiene, Sicherheit und 24/7-Überwachbarkeit stehen an erster Stelle. Diese Ziele erreichen Sie beispielsweise, indem Sie Ihre Anlage oder Maschine verteilt automatisieren. Das funktioniert sowohl für Neu- als auch für Bestandsanlagen und muss nicht kompliziert sein. Bürkert unterstützt Sie mit optimal aufeinander abgestimmten, kompakten Lösungen, die sich in vorhandene Strukturen einfügen und flexibel sind – schließlich müssen Sie heute schon an morgen denken und auch zukünftige Innovationsschritte im Rahmen der Digitalisierung berücksichtigen. Machen Sie sich ein Bild davon, wie Sie unsere vielfältigen Komponenten kombinieren und Ventilinseln, Schaltschränke und Prozessventile einfach in einem Automatisierungssystem zusammenführen können. Wir beraten Sie dabei objektiv, lösungsneutral und mit einer Menge Erfahrung.

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